Thursday, May 10, 2018

AirServer Launches First-Of-Its-Kind 4K UHD Screen Mirroring Receiver

AirServer Launches First-Of-Its-Kind 4K UHD Mirroring Receiver

AirServer today announced the release of its all-in-one 4K, ultra-high definition screen mirroring receiver, designed to deliver seamless viewing experience. This completely wireless technology's universal compatibility (AirPlay, Google Cast, and Miracast) has been seven years in the making, and it delivers in crisp, true-to-life colors in 4K (at 60fps), with the capability of receiving and displaying 8+ connections at once.

The new AirServer turns a board room into a vibrant digital hub of abuzz with collaboration. It boasts of its own internal wireless guest network, making connectivity simple and smooth, while its airtight security features prevent unwanted connections. It's the perfect addition for a true smart home, office, and classroom.

The AirServer 4K UHD release runs four times faster than the traditional model. It can support 8x more connections than Apple TV 4K, Chrome cas t Ultra, and Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, all while maintaining true end-to-end 60fps gaming quality.

Its compact design makes it easily portable, and its built-in wireless network means that you won't have to tussle with a tangle of cables in order to make a connection. It's not only the ideal device for a night-in of UHD entertainment, but it's also an oft-used device in tech-forward classrooms. Students and teachers can screen share with the rest of the class, making it easy to build a multi-sensory learning environment.

The full package is compatible with iOS and Android devices across the board, as well as Nexus, Pixel, Chromebook, and Windows 10, making it the only device the user ever needs to create a theatrical and fully-wireless experience at home. Ideal for corporations and teachers, its Linux Embedded-based operating system means 100% reliability and security – It's time to stop worrying about undesired services running in the background. Count on uninterrupted connectivity while snuggling up on the couch to enjoy your favorite music, games, and shows in stunning detail.
Its main features include:
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