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New to RX-Safety Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses and Sunglasses By Phillips Safety Research

RX-Safety has been selling both prescription safety glasses and general safety glasses for almost 20 years now online. We have never been able to carry Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses up to this point, in spite of demand, because the company has never had a line that was ANSI Z87+ certified. But the wait is over! Oakley now makes a complete line of safety glasses, all of which meet the ANSI Z87 safety rating requirements, and they are now available online at We are proud to offer the full line of Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses and other Oakley Performance Glasses to our customers. But your question might be why do you need to wear prescription safety or sports glasses?

Prescription safety glasses and sunglasses are necessary proper safety gear for a whole host of activities people engage in every day. Whether you're gearing up for a long motorcycle ride or earning your paycheck in an industrial environment that includes dangerous workplace hazards, safety glasses or prescription safety glasses are a crucial part of protecting your eyes and face in the long term. It's critical that you take proactive steps to protect your eyes before they are exposed to serious damage.

What Do Safety Glasses Do?

Safety glasses are designed to provide a barrier between your eyes and harmful debris. That much might be obvious! However, there are very specific standards that safety glasses have to adhere to in order to be sold as certified safety glasses. The type of safety standards they must adhere to depends on the purpose and rating system standards they are held to.

What Kind of Standards Do Safety Glasses Have to Adhere To?

In fact, there aren't any national standards for safety glasses, technically. However, there are standards that some companies choose to meet in order to prove that their products are certified to keep consumer's eyes safe, and it also gives them a competitive edge.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is a non-profit organization that encourages companies to create products that meet voluntary conformity standards in the United States. They oversee the development of American products, services, processes, and systems. ANSI creates a list of uniform standards that are attached to various products, such as prescription safety glasses. They also create testing guidelines to ensure that the products meet those standards. Their organization examines eyewear and judges whether it meets the durability standards it needs to in order to be considered certified. This stamp of approval means that the safety glasses created by the vendor can be used for a variety of uses including safety gear for employees that meets OSHA's eye and face protection standards.

If an employer's business exposes employees to potentially harmful substances, they are required to provide them with proper safety gear. However, employers aren't allowed to simply hand out a pair of safety glasses to their employees at the door to the factory floor and call it a day. There is a strict set of rules for selecting the face and eye protection that complies with OSHA's eye and face protection standard which is outlined here- 29 CFR 1910.133. For starters, eye protection has to be selected based on the hazard that employees need to be protected from. Safety glasses that provide adequate protection to an employee from impact might not be protective against chemicals. All personal protective equipment (PPE) has to be certified by the American National Standards Institute and the manufacturer has to legibly mark it as certified.

When Are Businesses Required to Issue Safety Glasses?

OSHA is designed to make sure that employees are not forced to work in unsafe environments. However, that doesn't mean that businesses are not allowed to use potentially harmful materials. It just means that legally they are required to provide their employees with safety gear that will prevent them from the dangerous debris. Businesses are required to issue safety glasses to employees if there are any workplace hazards that can cause harm to your eyes. For instance, if an employee is working around any of the following substances, the employer is required to provide proper safety glasses according to OSHA standards:

However, businesses are not allowed to hand their employees a welding mask and call it a day! There is a selection process based on the workplace hazard employees are exposed to, and they also have to provide training for employees that includes the following topics:

When Should You Use Safety Glasses?

There are all sorts of activities you should wear safety glasses for outside of the workplace. You should wear safety glasses anytime you're exposing your eyes to debris or potential hazards. Potential hazards could include wind, UV rays, dust, debris, or potential impact. These hazards can lead to longer-term damage to your eyes that can cause chronic damage.

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If you don't wear proper eye protection during activities that could possibly expose your eyes to debris, it's likely that eventually, a piece of debris will cause damage. This damage could span from temporary discomfort due to debris in the eye, to a scratched cornea, to the possible eventual development of a chronic condition that could lead to blindness. However, a much more common side effect of forgoing eyewear is the development of chronic dry eye.
According to the Mayo Clinic, chronic dry eye means that your tears will not be able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes, which causes a variety of symptoms including discomfort, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, blurred vision, and difficulty seeing at night, among other things. In addition, chronic dry eyes can have the added complication of increasing the likelihood that you will develop eye infections. Eye infections can eventually cause long-term, permanent damage to your eyes, and if the root problem isn't addressed, your vision could be permanently affected.

How to Pick the Best Safety Glasses for Your Activities

Beyond the workplace, there are plenty of situations where safety glasses should be worn! If you'll be exposed to wind, debris, projectiles, or bright sunlight, it's a good idea to incorporate eyewear into your plans. Choosing your eyewear depends heavily on the type of activity you're planning on doing, and there are a few factors that should go into that.

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Outdoor Sports

Prescription sports glasses are a great option for people who enjoy spending time being active in the great outdoors. But chasing a soccer ball or hitting a tennis ball across a court become harder under two conditions- if the sun is so bright you can't see through the glare and if your prescription glasses won't stay put! Sports glasses solve both problems by being designed for rigorous activity and providing UV protection. Additionally, they provide protection against the potential damage that a wayward tennis ball could cause.

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There are a few things you should take into account if you're looking for a new pair of sports protection glasses:

Motorcycle Rides

Wearing glasses during your motorcycle ride protects your eyes from road debris, wind, and the sun, and there are a few options available depending on what kind of helmet you choose.

Your eyes are a delicate part of your face, aside from being the window to the soul. Long term damage resulting from a lack of proper eye protection is never worth the risk. Beyond discomfort and chronic dry-eye, the increased risk of infection can cause blindness, among other serious complications. Don't ever risk eye damage when you're being active and the great thing is that there are tons of stylish options that will protect your face without compromising your personal look. Whether you prefer Nike, Lacoste, Kate Spade, or our brand new Oakley line, there are plenty of options to suit both your lifestyle and your fashion preferences.

No matter what kind of activity you're looking to protect your eyes during, RX-Safety has the perfect option for you! You can contact our experts here with questions about what kind of prescription safety glasses will work for you. We'd love to help! Read related news now.


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Ecela Spanish Announces New Partner Schools in Chile

Official: Ecela Spanish announces a cooperation with new partner schools in Chile.

As of Monday, October 14th, 2019 classes will be held at the following locations:

Viña del Mar, 4 Poniente 499
Santiago, calle del Arzobispo 605, Providencia.

Students will receive all services as booked in the new locations. Student accommodations will not be affected. Read news here.

Due to solvency issues ECELA SPANISH ceased operations with the provider located at:

Viña del Mar, Alvarez 1720
Santiago, Antonio Varas 514

New bookings will continue at the two new locations.

Students due to begin classes within the next few weeks will receive new arrival instructions by email and/or telephone.


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Cotton Carrier Introduces Upgraded SlingBelt and Bucket System Line to Keep Cameras Secure and Easily Accessible

The team at Cotton Carrier launches their new SlingBelt and Bucket System today on Kickstarter. The upgraded line combines the original product line's patented twist and lock feature that allows the camera to be easily deployed, but securely stored, with the new extra storage features. As photographers themselves, the founders of Cotton Carrier know that having an accessible camera is more than a benefit – it's imperative to get that beautiful shot. So, they've upgraded the sling belt to hold extra gear for photographers while remaining ergonomic and comfortable for anyone who wears it.

"Our goal is single-minded: to provide secure camera-carrying systems that free your hands, and keep your equipment safe and your body mobile," said Andy Cotton, the Founder of Cotton Carrier. "We do not compromise fit, functionality or design. We want photographers to trust that we are the best. Our new belt brings the same reliability of our current products with more attractive features."

The SlingBelt and Bucket System is more attractive and functional than the previous product line making it an appealing choice for photographers. This new product line will hold a camera and either a tripod or binoculars for added versatility. The original belt itself has been upgraded too. Photographers can now add an extra holster to accommodate a second camera allowing the user to operate hands-free.

A sling tether helps when shooting for a big event making the camera accessible in a pinch. Cotton Carrier also designed a dry lens bag that can be attached and unclipped with ease to any of their systems to hold extra gear and keep it dry and protected. Custom labeling allows for easy identification of equipment too.

The SlingBelt and Bucket System is available to pre-order at a discounted price of $59 for the belt and sling, and $29 for the bucket and dry bag. To pre-order, visit

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About Cotton Carrier:
Founded in 2014, the Cotton Carrier team prides themselves on developing functional, durable and high-quality products for photographers everywhere. All of their products are made of excellent materials and are reliable in any situation. Each product is comfortable and provides accessibility to improve everyone's photographic experience. They are excited to introduce their newest product, the SlingBelt and Bucket System, a redesigned and reimagined belt that will make the life of any photographer easier. For more information, please visit


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Intelligent Office of Burlingame, CA Sets Out to Grow Business in San Mateo County

Intelligent Office franchise owner and former IT consultant turned local entrepreneur, Al Weedman, knows all too well how traditional office spaces can hinder growth for small businesses. Between commutes that seem to get longer by the day, overhead costs, and operational infrastructure, Al knows the risk of owning a traditional office space in this changing economy.

Recognizing the trend towards virtual offices and shared coworking spaces, Al left the corporate grind in 2016 to open his first Intelligent Office franchise which provides cost-effective, customizable office solutions for businesses of all sizes by offering services ranging from rentable office spaces and meeting rooms to comprehensive on-demand administrative support.

Through his initial flagship location, Al has seen firsthand how Intelligent Office (IO) can optimize operational efficiencies and offer convenient workspaces that allows local businesses to stay close to home – and Al is thrilled to bring the concept to San Mateo County with the grand opening of Intelligent Office of Burlingame.

Al hopes this second location will bring more opportunities closer to entrepreneurial business owners in the San Mateo area. "Intelligent Office strives to offer a smarter way to run your business by allowing you to curate your ideal office environment without having to spend a fortune on your office space and staff. Whether you are looking for a private executive office suite, co-working space or a conference room to hold professional meetings, we can provide everything you need to get your business running on day one." Click here.

To help kickstart growth, the IO of Burlingame location is hosting an open office event on Thursday, October 17, 2019 from 4:30pm-7:30pm that will allow interested parties to tour the facilities and learn more about IO services. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to get three months of office space for free with the signing of a twelve-month agreement. To take advantage of this limited time offer and other promotions, RSVP for the event at

Intelligent Office is the leading virtual, professionally staffed office solution for businesses of all sizes. Headquartered in Boulder, CO, Intelligent Office has 59 franchises across the United States and Canada, including two locations serving the San Francisco and Burlingame area. Since 1995, Intelligent Office has been helping clients grow their businesses and work smarter by combining professional staffing with the physical and technological infrastructure of a virtual office. For more information, go to


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Seeking Crunch for Keto and High Protein Diets? New Cereal/Snack Pieces Introduced for Manufacturers

70% Protein Whey-Os™ deliver high Protein content with minimal carbohydrate, making them an excellent option for consumers following Keto Diets. Whey-Os™ can be offered as a cereal or snack provide the desirable crunchy texture of high-carbohydrate products like cereals, chips or crackers - products that consumers miss on Keto Diets.

50% Protein Whey-Vs™ provide High-Protein Diets with a new choice for breakfast or break time. Although Whey-Vs™ contain 50% protein, they still retain the light texture and crispy bite of much lower protein counterparts. High-protein foods have been shown to improve appetite control, satiety and muscle mass development which are helpful in weight management. Read all the related news.

Either new product can be flavored by ZRB with sweet or savory seasonings for cereal, snack or trail mix-add-in applications. Cinnamon Vanilla, Honey Nut, Barbeque or Cheese seasonings can applied topically or Vanilla flavoring can be incorporated into the base pieces.

Ingredients for ZRB 70% Protein Whey-Os™ are Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Tapioca Starch and Calcium Carbonate. ZRB 50% Protein Whey-Vs™ Ingredients are Whey Protein Concentrate, Brown Rice Flour and Calcium Carbonate. The new products are Soy-Free, Gluten-Free, Kosher and Halal. Read related news here.

New products 70% Protein Whey-Os™ and 50% Protein Whey-Vs™ join Zumbro River Brand's line of High Protein Better-for-you cereal and snack offerings and Z-Crisps® High Protein Crisps for nutrition bars. Zumbro River Brand also specializes in contract manufacturing, offering Batch Fluid Bed Agglomeration and High Protein Extrusion services. For further information visit our website - Read latest news here.


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Franklin County Visitors Bureau Celebrates AppleFest in Downtown Chambersburg at the 11/30 Visitors Center

The Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center celebrates AppleFest in downtown Chambersburg on October 19 with a presentation about Martin Delany by author Bob O'Connor. The talk will be held in the second-floor Great Room, overlooking Memorial Square, at 2 PM.

Martin Delany, who was the highest ranking African-American field officer of the Civil War, lived on South Main Street in Chambersburg and attended school nearby. In addition to serving in the Civil War, Delany was a physician and author. He also worked with Frederick Douglass to co-publish the newspaper North Star.

O'Connor authored more than 15 non-fiction and historical fiction books with a focus on American history leading up to and encompassing the Civil War. He shares his interest and knowledge of this period in a podcast called the "The Chronicles of the American Civil War." More info here.

AppleFest is the annual, autumn celebration of apples, one of Franklin County's major crops. The festival opens at 9 AM, closes at 4 PM, and includes more than 100 vendors of crafts, arts, food, music and fun for the kids. In addition to the Delany presentation, the 11/30 Visitors Center will be playing five videos in the "video vault," offer a children's fall-fun activity, and be showcasing new exhibits in the lobby. Main Street stores will have specials and sales.

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The Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites all to explore history, arts and architecture, recreation, natural beauty, fresh foods and the warm hospitality of communities like Chambersburg, Greencastle, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, and Waynesboro. Franklin County PA is located just north of the Mason Dixon Line and is an easy drive from Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Plan a visit at, contact 866.646.8060, or stop at the new Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center in downtown Chambersburg. Click here.


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Avoid these 5 mistakes when selling your junk car

So, you've decided that it is time to sell your junk car. Whether you are selling because your junk car is a total loss or end of life vehicle, or you've just decided that the time is right, when you go to sell your junk car make sure that you avoid these 5 common mistakes.

1) Make sure you have the title. Buyers of junk cars are not legally allowed to buy the car from anyone other than its legal owner. For help replacing your title visit the service area page at Rusty's Auto Salvage to view a copy of the title replacement document for your state and click the image to go to the correct state DMV office near you.

2) Collect all of your personal belongings from your junk car. This can include any customized or stock stereo equipment as well as emergency roadside items such as jumper cables, snow chains, and tire irons. Don't forget to go through the glove compartment, side door compartments and center console as well.

3) Know the value of your junk car. Different junk car removal companies will have different pricing models, so make sure that you take the time to find the one that offers you the fairest price. Some things that may influence their offers are current scrap metal prices, your junk car's make and model, cosmetic damage, and whether or not it runs, so make sure you do your research. Read this for more information.

4) Make sure that the company you agree to do business with includes the pick-up of your junk car at no extra cost to you- most reputable companies include in their service model.

5) Finally, remember to remove your license plate and cancel your insurance after you finalize the sale (congratulations!)

The easiest way to avoid all these mistakes is to use the web to find one of the new online junk car buyers. They will find a junkyard or salvage yard near you or they may put your car up for sale at an auction. Either way a good junk car buying service can get you top dollar for your car and remove the hassle of getting everything ready and making sure all the paperwork is right.

Rusty's Auto Salvage is a junk car buying with national reach. They can find a junkyard or auction house in your area and get you the best price possible for your call. Visit the site at or call directly at: 866-439-8401.


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