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Aki Technologies Purchases Eyeview’s Video Personalization Technology to Bolster Leadership in Moment Marketing

Video optimization and personalization just got easier now that Aki Technologies, the leading provider of mobile moment marketing, has completed its acquisition of the intellectual property of Eyeview, the pioneering video marketing company founded with the aim of delivering 1:1 personalized video in order to drive sales for leading brands. Aki will integrate Eyeview's technology into its moment marketing solution to help brands meet the demand for more personalized, relevant advertising with incremental sales results. Eyeview received more than $72 million in investment over the past 13 years and was granted multiple patents for generating personalized, dynamic and broadcast-quality video.

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Eyeview's video technology enabled more than $194 million in incremental sales for Eyeview performance advertisers in 2019. Clients included well-known Fortune 500 retailers and auto manufacturers.

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Today's brand marketers recognize that personalization is the best way to build meaningful connections with busy, oversaturated consumers—one-third (33%) of retailers surveyed by Adobe in 2018 said "targeting and personalization" are among their top tactical priorities for the year ahead. The patented technology developed by Eyeview solves the complexity of personalized creative development in video, increasing brand affinity, driving foot traffic to retail locations, and delivering incremental sales.    

Aki's approach, which enables brands to customize a consumer's advertising experience for a given moment, makes it possible to serve more relevant messaging when consumers are most receptive. Now, with Eyeview's advanced software around personalization, Aki advertisers can deliver video creative that caters more precisely to the customer's preferences, dynamically responding to immediate context, ad receptivity in the moment, and CRM insights.

"At Aki, we help brands build stronger connections with consumers by enabling advertising that adapts to the varying preferences that consumers experience from moment to moment," said Scott Swanson, CEO at Aki. "By integrating Eyeview's technology, one of the most invested in and differentiated video platforms in the industry, we have all the pieces in place to offer brands and agencies the most comprehensive and impactful moment marketing solution available today. It's a game-changer for video media, shopper marketing and CPG in general, retail, automotive, and beyond."

While the transaction is a technology asset purchase, Aki has already hired key former Eyeview staff in engineering, data science, sales and product management and anticipates making offers to additional former staff members in the next month.

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Eyeview's technology assets will help Aki offer brands even more options for reaching individuals through personalized advertising without the added complexity of manually producing thousands of creatives accounting for every variable. For example, with new local weather and mapping variables, a global clothing retailer could showcase waterproof products to consumers where it's raining, UV protective gear to consumers where it's sunny, and thermal gear to individuals where it's cold. These ad executions could end with a local map showing people directions to the nearest brick-and-mortar location to influence in-store sales of the weather-targeting products.

Aki will integrate Eyeview's video personalization technology into its Katana platform. In the interim, advertisers interested in leveraging Eyeview's video personalization technology today can reach out to Aki's support team at Read here.

This story first appeared in TechCrunch.

About Aki Technologies
Aki Technologies' mission is to advance moment marketing technology, in partnership with brands and agencies, to deliver a better consumer experience and revolutionary business results. Through its unique moment marketing approach, Aki helps marketers deliver advertising that better aligns with consumer preferences and ad receptivity in a given moment. Leading brands use Aki's moment marketing science to inform strategy and drive meaningful impact on campaign metrics like awareness, engagement, foot traffic and sales. To learn more about the company visit

About Eyeview
Eyeview ( was a video marketing technology company focused on outcome-based video marketing. Eyeview delivered superior return on investment through 1-to-1 video. Through proprietary VideoIQ® technology, Eyeview easily leveraged brand, product and consumer data to create and deliver 1-to-1 video ads to every consumer and ultimately drive sales. VideoIQ® provided an elemental knowledge of video variables that powers a results-driven decisioning engine, capable of making billions of decisions each day, delivering the most relevant message to every consumer across television, desktop, and mobile.


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Formé, the First Women’s Shoe Shaper and Stretcher, To Debut on The Grommet in January 2020

The Grommet will welcome Formé to its carefully curated mix of innovative products from makers, inventors and small businesses this January.

"This shoe shaper will change how you wear heels," proclaimed the headline of a January 1 Footwear News feature story on the product. Conceived by a woman for other women, Formé is the first women's shoe stretcher and shaper in one. The lightweight device has a patented design that allows it to stretch uncomfortably tight shoes up to one-half size. It also keeps shoes in mint condition when not in use, not only extending wear, but enhancing their resale value. Formé Founder and Inventor Maureen Stockton developed the product after ruining her favorite too-tight power pumps by trying to use her husband's shoe stretcher, designed for more resilient men's footwear. Stockton realized that women needed a gentler but still effective solution of their own.

The Grommet is a product discovery platform and online marketplace with a community of 4 million supporters and early adopters. Many of the products offered become tomorrow's household names. Since 2008, The Grommet has launched more than 3,000 innovative products, including offerings from FitBit, Food Should Taste Good, IdeaPaint, OtterBox, Popsockets, SodaStream, and S'well.

While the Grommet discovery team considers more than 15,000 products a year, only 3% make the cut. "It is easier to get into Harvard (which accepted just 4.5% of applicants to its class of 2023) than to be on Grommet," notes Stockton. "Being here puts us in elite company and it's a thrilling testament that our product truly works and resonates with a much larger audience than we could have imagined."

"Formé is a smart and elegant idea for women who want the most out of their footwear investment, and who doesn't?" said Jules Pieri, Co-Founder and CEO of The Grommet and author of the recently published book How We Make Stuff Now. "Shoe lovers are a huge part of our community and this is a real game changer for them."

Formé shoe stretchers and shapers will retail on The Grommet for $48.95

For further information, please visit and


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C2 Education Celebrates Another New Location in New Jersey with Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Franklin Lakes' Mayor Frank Bivona, Freeholder Tom Sullivan, and Dr. Brian Mahoney, President of Bergen Catholic High School, welcomed the new C2 Education at the official ceremony. During the event, C2 presented donations totaling almost $3,000 to the family of Antonio Iapicca, an injured local high school athlete for whom the center hosted a series of fundraising events in December. The center also presented a C2 Scholarship to Jake Frederick, who played a central role in the fundraising efforts benefiting Antonio's family. "We're proud to join such a caring community and look forward to helping area students realize their full academic potential in the coming years," said Center Director Tina Mulligan.

For more information about the new location, call 201-540-8558, visit, or stop by the center.

Nationally, C2 has a proven track record of helping students gain acceptance to the country's top colleges. C2's class of 2019 received over 3,200 top 100 college acceptances and $45 million in scholarship offers. The top 100 colleges & universities are according to U.S. News & World Report's Best College Rankings.


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Safetec's SaniZide Pro 1 Kills Wuhan Coronavirus In 1-Minute

The new strain of Wuhan coronavirus was first identified in China in December 2019 and within days was quickly spread also to impact Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. The virus is believed to have started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where individuals had come in contact with live animals that were infected.

EPA has confirmed that the 2019 novel coronavirus-Wuhan (also 2019-nCoV) has met the conditions outlined in EPA's emerging viral pathogens guidance and has triggered the emerging viral pathogen policy.

Safetec's SaniZide Pro 1 is a broad spectrum, EPA Registered surface disinfectant that combines cleaning and disinfecting in one simple step with its ready-to-use, alcohol-based hospital-grade formula. SaniZide Pro 1 is effective in killing the Wuhan coronavirus on hard surfaces when the product is used in accordance with the label instructions. Read news here.

Joe Vizzi, Vice President of Sales at Safetec, states, "It is so incredibly important for manufacturers to stay on top of the latest trends, and continue to innovate formulas to combat emerging viruses. We were able to launch SaniZide Pro 1 last fall, and we are proud to say that it does kill the Wuhan coronavirus in just one minute. You can count on Safetec products to always be there for you to help save lives and surpass standards every single day."

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus is by washing your hands with soap and water frequently, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and utilizing personal protection equipment. Safetec's SaniWash hand soap aids in reducing the risk of cross-contamination while helping meet APIC and OSHA hand washing recommendations.

Safetec also offers an Instant Hand Sanitizer in Fresh and Citrus scent that is available in a variety of packaging options from bottles to single-use pouches. This hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and contains 66.5% ethyl alcohol to effectively kill widespread germs. The EZ-Personal Protection Kit is a pandemic and infection control product that can be disposed of easily. It is excellent for emergency medical vehicles, emergency rooms, clinics, or anywhere personal protective equipment is needed. Read related news now.

The Wuhan coronavirus can cause a wide range of symptoms from minor to very severe. Keep yourself and your facility protected this season with Safetec products through the use of frequent hand washing, hand sanitizer, personal protective equipment, and the disinfecting of hard surfaces.

About Safetec of America, Inc.: Safetec of America, Inc. offers infection control for every industry. As a trusted source for distributors of infection control, first aid, and compliance products for over 28 years, Safetec consistently delivers the right solutions when every second counts. Customers prefer to stay with Safetec because of their quality, stability, and value – and great American-made products.


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Photomatix Pro 6.2 Brings HDR Merge to Capture One

HDRsoft, makers of Photomatix software that popularized High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo editing, have updated their Photomatix Pro software to include a plugin for Capture One that merges bracketed images to HDR.

The new plugin enables Capture One users to merge images taken with different exposures without leaving their Catalog or Session. Users can then adjust the contrast, tone and color of the merged HDR image with Photomatix Pro's presets and settings before reimporting it to their Catalog or Session in Capture One. Alternatively, they can merge to HDR with a simple exposure fusion process using the Photomatix 'Natural' preset and then further adjust the merged image with Capture One's High Dynamic Range tool.

The Merge to HDR plugin offers options to automatically align hand-held bracketed exposures, and to remove 'ghosts' created when moving people or objects are present in the scene. It also offers an advanced tool to select and assign an exposure to different areas of the image for more control over the ghost removal process. The merged image can then be adjusted with a large range of settings and one-click presets. Photographers can quickly get the look they desire from natural-looking results to painterly images, and from surreal and dreamy photos to ultra-realistic images with increased details.

Also added in Photomatix Pro 6.2 is support for CR3 RAW files, used by newer Canon cameras, and many additional camera models.

The Capture One plugin works with version 12 and higher of the software. Photomatix Pro 6.2, including the plugin, is a free upgrade for customers who purchased a Photomatix Pro 6 or Photomatix Pro 5 license. An upgrade price of US$29 is available for customers who purchased a license for earlier versions, and a full license is a US$99 one-time purchase. Photomatix Pro 6.2 is available for Microsoft Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/10) and Macintosh (macOS 10.6 or higher). For more information and to download a free trial version, please visit

HDRsoft develops photo editing software based on high dynamic range (HDR) imaging techniques. The company pioneered HDR photography with the introduction of its Photomatix software in 2003. Today, the company continues to build easy-to-use software tools that let photographers create eye-catching images. Photomatix is ideal for photography scenes that benefit from applying HDR, such as architecture, landscape, real estate, and more. The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom and has staff in the USA and several other countries.


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butter LONDON™ Launches Plush Rush 2-in-1 Cream Multistick for Lips and Cheeks

butter LONDON, the feel-good beauty brand known for clean makeup and nail products today announced its newest innovation: Plush Rush 2-in-1 Cream Multisticks for Lips and Cheeks. The silky smooth, mistake-proof formula housed in a convenient stick packaging, glides on effortlessly and blends seamlessly for a flattering soft-focus finish to lip and cheeks. What's more, the innovative formula is infused with the brand's signature Plush Rush plumping peptides that help boost collagen synthesis to accentuate the look of cheekbones and softly plump the look of lips. To top it off, sodium hyaluronate coupled with luxurious shea and mango butters smooth, nourish, and revitalize the look of the skin.

Finally, for an added rush of happiness, the brand has infused the formula with its signature champagne scent and phyto-endorphin complex to give a blissful experience.

The Plush Rush Sticks are available in four versatile shades to blend into every skin tone or give any look an extra pop.

To apply, simply apply to the apples of the cheeks or center of the lips, then blend outwards gently with your fingers for a just flushed look. You can also warm the product on the back of the hand and apply to the cheeks with a blush brush. Continue reading.

"I am confident this versatile product will quickly become a fan favorite," says Julie Campbell, General Manager of butter LONDON. "Not only are the sticks super convenient for on-the-go touchups, they are full of nourishing ingredients that hydrate the skin and provide that beautiful plumping affect to the cheeks and lips." Click here to read the latest news.

This feel good product is formulated without parabens, mineral oil, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, BHA, triclosan and as always, cruelty free." Available now on

About butter LONDON
butter LONDON™ was born in 2005 out of a rebellious spirit defined by a passionate objective: to offer the first high quality toxin-free nail lacquer. After the astounding success of their high-performance nail lacquers, they applied that same philosophy to colour cosmetics for the face, lip and eyes. This brand is the recipient of an Allure 'Best of Beauty' award four consecutive years and named one of Oprah's favorites four years running. butter LONDON believes that makeup and nail polish should be easy. It should leave you happy, good-looking and polished ---for Feel Good Beauty® you can trust.


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Ivey Engineering Awards $1,000 Scholarship to York College of Pennsylvania Sophomore Gregory Moser

Ivey Engineering, Inc., (IEI), an engineering consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Gregory Moser of New Freedom, Pennsylvania, is the winner of the winter 2019 bi-annual scholarship essay contest. He is currently a sophomore at York College of Pennsylvania and is majoring in finance.

"Thank you so much for informing me of this terrific news and helping me to advance my education," says Moser, after finding out he won the scholarship.

Moser chose the finance field due to his interest in investing and money management.

"I find great satisfaction in helping people and organizations meet their financial goals through proper money management," he says.

Moser competed with more than 100 other college students from the United States and Canada. Applicants were tasked to write an 800- to 1,000-word essay on one of three topics and were judged for creativity and originality. Moser's winning essay discusses the pros and cons of buying a tankless water heater. He mentions that two advantages of a tankless water heater are longevity and energy efficiency.

"Most tankless water heaters have a life expectancy of about 20 years, which is nearly double that of traditional tank water heaters, which only last 10 to 15 years," Moser explains in his essay. "Aside from their high life expectancy, tankless water heaters are also much more energy efficient than tank-based water heaters, as they use roughly 30 to 50 percent less power than their counterparts," he says.

"Gregory's essay is well written and backed up with supporting information," says Scott Friesen, president of IEI. "Based on the quality of his essay, you know Gregory spent considerable time doing research on the subject," he says.

Moser sees himself in the future graduating from college with a bachelor's degree in finance and working for a company that rewards him both financially and personally.

"I believe goal setting is extremely important," Moser says. "I want to help people reach their financial goals for retirement and saving for college. It would be rewarding to help open people's eyes to the investment opportunities available."

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"We're impressed with Gregory's motivation and outlook for the future," Friesen says. "We know the value of a college education and wish the best for Gregory as he pursues his goals."

Any potential or current college or university undergraduate student within the United States or Canada is able to apply for the scholarship. The next deadline for essay submissions is May 1, 2020. For contest requirements or for more information about the scholarship, visit IEI's scholarship web page.

About Ivey Engineering
IEI is an expert witness and building systems consulting firm in San Diego, California. Established in 1994, IEI services clients in over 40 states and in several Canadian provinces. IEI's consultants have experience in the design, construction, service and repair of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems, as well as energy efficiency related issues. To read more about Ivey Engineering and its consulting services, visit the company's website. Read related news now.


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